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About us

Bilal Pizza is a subsidiary of the Bilal Group. The most important characteristic of Bilal Pizza is that the company produces Halal pizzas, in accordance with the needs of consumers of Halal products.

Just as with all other Bilal products, Bilal Pizzas are prepared to exacting quality and health standards using top-quality ingredients. To give an example: the salami used for the pepperoni pizza is 100% veal sausage, and the chicken pieces used for the chicken pizza consist of 100% chicken breast. Real cheeses, such as mozzarella and sheep’s cheese, are used for the pizzas. The pizza Margherita contains absolutely no animal fats, so vegetarians can enjoy it with confidence and peace of mind.

Bilal Pizza brings a true taste sensation to your table thanks to the fact that its pizzas are baked in a stone oven. Each new product is scrupulously checked by our quality control department before it reaches the customer.

Years of experience and confidence
is the guarantee of good products for your meals …

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks distribute Bilal Pizzas to our large network of resellers in 5 European countries, as well as to exclusive supermarket chains and food stores. This is done safely and without interruption to the cold chain, right through to the final destination. Every pizza can be tracked from the production stage to the final destination.

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