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Halal / Quality Certificates


All snacks, pizzas and poultry products produced by the Bilal Group are Halal. Not only the basic products we use, such as meat, are Halal – all the products are, from sauces to herbs. For example, the cheeses used on Bilal pizzas contain absolutely no rennet and are Halal.

The Halal Authority checks which hatcheries the chickens used in our poultry products have come from, and to which slaughterhouse they are taken.

All the materials used, from hatchery to product, are subject to our tracking system. All products and the production process are checked by the Halal Authority, and each product has its own Halal Certificate. As a consumer, you can ask to see our Halal Certificates at any time.


All products manufactured under the name Bilal Snacks, Bilal Pizza and Bilal Chicken are produced to the highest quality and hygiene standards. Quality is our priority and we guarantee our customers the best quality at all times.

All our products have the highest level of the HACCP Food Safety Programme. Our products also have the BRC Food Safety Certificate and the Halal Certificate.

Our fleet of trucks is equipped with the so-called temperature recording system, which allows us to monitor not only the temperature in our storage areas, but also in our trucks. If required, we are able to provide information about the temperature at which the products are delivered to you.

Our snack products are made from 100% chicken and our pizzas from 100% veal sausage, 100% chicken breast, and real cheese.

All our packages include clear information on nutritional values ​​and allergens. We are working hard to reduce the allergens in our products to a minimum. Our new products Veal Sausage and Chicken Sausage are gluten- and allergen-free.